Rich Peterson

Building beautiful, functional websites

Rich Peterson is the founder of Generous Work, where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through innovation & design.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketplaces, collaborative consumption, design that works and, of course, his family. When he’s not consulting, teaching, working on side projects or lending money to people in third-world countries (through Kiva), you’ll find him reading, playing beach volleyball or mastering the art of surfing backwards.

What We Do
  • Business Websites
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • One Page Websites
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Directories
  • Online Job Boards
  • Curation Websites
  • Client Portals
  • Knowledge Bases / Wikis
  • Membership Websites
  • Online Course Websites
  • Podcast Websites
  • Online Forms & Surveys
  • Webforms
  • Website Chat
  • Video Integration
  • Online Booking Integrations
  • Online Payment Integrations
  • Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • CRM Integration